Watch out, Takumi, because Kinako just might be faster than you one day.

On a lonely stretch of road in the mountains of Japan, all is still, save for the fluttering of the leaves in the trees. Then, without warning, something comes barreling down a curve with startling speed.

This daredevil, named Kinako, is carrying so much momentum into the corner that she looks to be in danger of spinning out at any moment. But even as her back end edges towards the outside edge of the curve, she skillfully keeps it from swapping places with her front, all the while with a grin on her face that shows she loves this reckless rush of momentum.

So is Kinako the fastest street driver in the mountain passes of Japan? Not quite. She’s…

a Shiba Inu dog, whose unique way of running makes it look like she’s drifting a car!

While out for a walk with her owner (who goes by @kinakinako0503 on Twitter), Kinako got her leash taken off for a bit so she could frolic in the shallow waterway. But when it came time to come back, she employed the diagonal drift-dash shown in the video, which immediately brought comparisons to legendary street racing anime/manga Initial D.

That drawing gets extra points since Kinako’s video was recorded in Tochigi Prefecture, which is also the setting for the Initial D battle against the Mazda NA Roadster seen in the illustration, in which an uncovered drainage gutter figures into the finale.

Of course, for fans of the anime Initial D is as much about pulse-pounding dance music as it is white-knuckled racing action, so naturally someone put together a Eurobeat version

…and then, as it’s so apt to do, the Eurobeat INTENSIFIES!

After that display of energy, we’d say Kinako has earned a nice long nap.

Really, though, now we can’t stop thinking about how awesome it would be to have her deliver our tofu.

Source, images: Twitter/@kinakinako0503
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