New chilled cup pairs sakura with fruit for a memorable springtime flavour.

The blooming of Japan’s cherry blossom trees may still be a couple of months away, but news of this year’s sakura-branded products are already beginning to hit us like a flurry of soft pink petals.

One of the first to take centre stage with their cherry blossom product announcements is Starbucks, and keeping in line with their release schedule from previous years, they’re kicking off the season with the release of a sakura-flavoured chilled cup.

▼ This year’s seasonal chilled cup combines sakura with vanilla and strawberry jelly.

Last year, Starbucks paired sakura with white chocolate cheesecake and milk pudding, and the year before that, they gave us the Sakura Chocolate with Strawberry Jelly chilled cup. This year’s flavour combination harks back to the 2019 release, but instead of chocolate, the focus is on vanilla. This pairing is said to highlight the creaminess of the drink while adding sweet aromas to the tart sakura notes, with the strawberry jelly pieces providing a delicious textural contrast.

The domed lid, reminiscent of traditional drinks served in Starbucks stores, is a vibrant pink colour this year, while the cup design features swirls of cherry blossom flowers and petals, dotted with bursts of strawberry. 

The new chilled cup will be available for a limited time at convenience stores nationwide from 9 February, selling at a recommended retail price of 219 yen (US$2.11).

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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