Travel mugs, cups and glasses adorned with pink blooms sit alongside cherry blossom mocktails for a limited time.

Spring is almost here, and that means Starbucks is preparing for sakura season with all sorts of goods to celebrate the upcoming blossoming of the blooms.

After announcing their Sakura Chilled Cup and Frappuccino for 2020, Starbucks is now turning everyone’s attention to a range of seasonal goods being offered exclusively at the city’s Reserve Roastery in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward.

First off, they’ll be offering a range of gorgeous beverages, some of which appeared briefly on the menu when the store first opened last year.

▼ The Pop’n Tea Sakura Jasmine (950 yen [US$8.66])

▼ The Sakura Allure Cascade (950 yen)

▼ The Teavana Cream Soda Sakura (900 yen)

▼ The Floating Blossom (900 yen)

▼ The Blossoming Sakura (800 yen)

▼ And the Strawberry Chia Oolong (900 yen), which doesn’t contain sakura, but has enough of a pink tinge to join the pink beverages.

What has everyone really excited is the new range of limited-edition sakura drinkware and goods set to be sold only at the Tokyo Roastery, which sits alongside a sakura-lined river that bursts into flower each spring. The design team from Seattle took this sought-after location as inspiration for the new collection, putting the iconic building beside the blooms on a number of goods in the ten-piece collection.

The range, pictured in the image below, includes (from left to right): Sakura Handkerchief (1,800 yen), Sakura Leather Keychain (3,000 yen), Sakura-shaped Mug (2,500 yen), Sakura Double Walled Glass (3,200 yen), Sakura Slim Handy Stainless Steel Bottle (4,400 yen), Sakura Stainless Tumbler (4,200 yen), Sakura Stainless Cup Sakura 2020 (3,500 yen), Sakura Mug (2,500 yen), Sakura Glass with Handle (2,800 yen), Sakura Leather Pass Case (3,500 yen)

The collection of sakura drinks and goods goes on sale exclusively at Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo on 15 February. The drinkware range looks set to sell out as soon as it becomes available, so if you’d like a long-lasting memory of the Roastery and its gorgeous cherry blossom trees, be sure to get in quick to avoid missing out!

Store information
Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo / スターバックス リザーブ ロースタリー東京
Address: Tokyo-to, Meguro-ku, Aobadai 2-19-23
Open 7 a.m.-11 p.m.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan Press Release
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