It’s been almost one week since Halloween has come and gone, but one holiday story is still making Japanese internet users smile.

While trick-or-treating has yet to catch on in Japan, the Shibuya district of Tokyo has become THE gathering place in recent years for Halloween revelers to show off their painstakingly crafted costumes (or half-assed disguises, in Mr. Sato’s case). In fact, the famous scramble intersection area right outside of Shibuya Station is so happening on Halloween nowadays that it’s actually causing headaches for some who just want to go about their regular business as usual.

Take Twitter user @kaepon1219, for instance. After a long day at the office last week, he could barely fight his way outside of the craziness of Shibuya to catch a cab…and then only to discover that he couldn’t escape Halloween, no matter what. 

“When I was exhausted and trying to go home, the Shibuya area was jam-packed with people. The buses weren’t running and you couldn’t make any progress walking. I was ready to cry in despair but finally made my way out of Shibuya and grabbed a taxi, only to find that my driver was more into the Halloween spirit than anyone else.”

His tweet and pictures of the taxi-driver-turned-Gene Simmons (of KISS) went viral overnight, prompting him to post an amusing follow-up message the next day:

“Yesterday’s Halloween taxi tweet has been retweeted over 10,000 times…! This is the first time this has happened for me and I’m overwhelmed.

By the way, about that taxi driver–it seems that his boss has been pleading with him to stop dressing up, but he keeps doing it because it’s just simple makeup. However, he is careful to only send him pickup requests from people in Shibuya or Roppongi  [another youth district], LOL.”

In other words, if you’re tired of Halloween messing up your daily commute, be sure to avoid Shibuya near the end of October…but why not get some free candy from the biggest yakuza organization in Japan instead?

Source, featured image: Twitter/@kaepon1219