Downtown Osaka hotel wants to say “thank you!”

Located in Osaka, Hotel Sunplaza isn’t a super fancy place. Sure, it’s got a convenient location with great access to public transportation, but the focus is much more on affordability than posh luxury.

That said, Sunplaza does want to provide a pleasant stay for their guests, and even has “more comfort than you’d expect at this price” as its motto. It’s an admirable hospitality goal, and actually a pretty easy one to meet right now since it’s offering rooms for just 390 yen (US$3.75) a night!

Like a lot of businesses, hotels are in a tough spot right now, with less pleasure and business travel taking place. Since many of a hotel’s costs are fixed, even a reduced rate is better than no guests at all, so Sunplaza has knocked the price of the first night of a guest’s single-room stay down to 390 yen (and even the regular rate of 2,000 yen was a bargain). As for why they chose that exact number, as is so often the case in Japan, it’s a pun: the Japanese words for 3 and 9 are san and kyu, which together become sankyu or “thank you,” showing the hotel’s appreciation for guests who spend the night.

To get the discount, all you have to do is retweet the above tweet, then show your phone with the retweet to the front desk clerk at check-in. You don’t even need to have a reservation; you can walk right in off the street and be eligible for the 390-yen rate.

Hotel Sunplaza is right next door to Shin-Imamiya Station and within easy walking distance from the Shinsekai sightseeing district and Tsutenkaku tower.

▼ If you’re looking for more great deals, Sunplaza’s annex building is offering 30-night stays for 24,000 yen, which is far cheaper than a month’s rent in an apartment.

At least one Twitter commenter has already expressed their concern that the 390-yen rate is too low for Sunplaza to reasonably offer, but the hotel has brushed off such worries by saying “Let us do this to show our appreciation for all our customers,” and the rate is being offered until February 28.

Hotel information
Hotel Sunplaza / ホテルサンプラザ
Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Nishinari-ku, Haginochaya 1-2-22

Source: Twitter/@hotel_sunplaza via Jin via Maido News
Featured image: Twitter/@hotel_sunplaza
Top image: Hotel Sunplaza
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