Because cheese makes anything taste ten times better.

Gari Gari Kun popsicles come in an astounding variety of flavors, ranging from soda to outright bizarre ones like “spaghetti” and “cream puff”. Akagi Nyugyo, the company responsible for producing the popsicles, recently added a new “rare cheese” flavored entry into their lineup of icy treats. You might think the cheese used must be really expensive or pungent, but in Japan, the term “rare cheese” actually refers to unbaked cream cheese.

This Gari Gari Kun “rare cheese” popsicle comes at a mere 130 yen (US$1.20), and can be found in almost every convenience store and supermarket across Japan. It just so happened that our Japanese-language writer, K.Nagahashi, was thinking of ways to beat the incoming summer heat, and he figured the best way would be to lick a cold cheesecake on a stick.

Dashing to the nearest convenience store, our reporter spotted his prey.

▼ An oasis in the desert

Opening the packaging revealed a snow white popsicle. Nagahashi wasted no time slicing into it with a knife, exposing its cheesy interior filled with yellow lemon cheese-flavored sauce.

▼ Oh Nagashi, why do you tempt us so?

Our salivating reporter took a bite and reeled in shock as his taste buds were sent to nirvana. It was incredibly delicious! The light but distinct cream cheese flavor combined harmoniously with the zingy lemon cheese sauce, producing an exquisite sweet and sour taste.

▼ This is liquid gold in summer.

In fact, it was so delicious that after hearing Nagahashi gush about it, I went out and bought one of my won and decided to have it with crackers.

Temperatures have begun to rise in Japan, and for ice cream lovers, this will be a welcome treat and a sweet respite from the scorching summer to come.

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