A mouthwatering meeting of the symbols of Japanese spring and American malls.

In 1912, the mayor of Tokyo sent a gift of cherry blossom trees to the mayor of Washington D.C. The trees were replanted along the Potomac River, where they remain today, and are the focal point of D.C.’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

It’s a nice story of Japan’s favorite flower fostering international friendship, and now the sakura are contributing to a culinary connection between the two countries as well, as American cinnamon bun chain Cinnabon will be selling sakura cinnamon buns in Japan.

The Sakurabon, as it’s officially called, is a special springtime version of the chain’s Minibon Classic bun. As such, you can expect the same warm sweet stickiness that Cinnabon is known for, but this time the cream cheese glaze is enhanced by sakura extract and almonds. There’s also a sakura crunch crumble topping adding extra color and texture to the treat.

The Sakurabon goes on sale February 20 at Cinnabon Japan locations, which in Tokyo means their stores in the Roppongi, Kichijoji, and Futakotamagawa neighborhoods. Thankfully, it’ll also be offered through the Cinnabon Japan online shop, for those who can’t make it to a physical location or just want to buy more than they could possibly carry home. Like most sakura sweets, it’s a limited-time item, and oddly enough is only projected to be available until mid-March, which is before the flowers are expected to be in full bloom, but there’s no rule that says you have to wait until you see the cherry blossoms before you start enjoying cherry blossom desserts.

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Source: PR Times
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