There’s a lot to love about this pink-hued Japan-exclusive treat.

A day after the Japanese Meteorological Agency issued a rare low temperature advisory for Tokyo’s 23 wards, its first in more than thirty years, the sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall in the city this week make spring weather seem like a far-off fantasy, hidden well below the frozen horizon.

That’s not the case in stores, though, as shelves are beginning to bloom with new treats and limited-edition releases in honour of Japan’s cherry blossom season. If last year’s sakura treats are anything to go by, we’ll soon see big chains coming out with new menu items to herald in the warmer months, and one of the new contenders for our affections this year is American baked goods chain Cinnabon.

▼ With more than 1,000 stores in 48 countries,
Cinnabon’s signature product is its well-known cinnamon roll.

In Japan, customers have a soft spot for the chain’s small-sized “Minibons”, which are sold both separately and in boxed sets, perfect for gift-giving between friends and family.

This year, the company has announced it will be offering up a new Sakura Minibon for spring, which adds a sakura-flavoured cream cheese frosting on top of their moist and chewy mini cinnamon roll.

Garnished with a cherry-flavoured “sakura crunch” topping, the sweet is said to have a subtle cherry blossom taste, with a well-rounded blend of flavours creating a unique type of cinnamon roll only available to customers in Japan.

The Sakura Minibon will be on sale for a limited time, from 1 February to 31 March, sold separately for 390 yen (US$3.56) at the following four outlets: Roppongi, Futakotamagawa Rise S.C., Cocoon City, and Atre Kichijoji.

Boxed three-pack sets will be on sale for 1,170 yen, while 6-piece packs, containing three cherry and three regular Minibons, will retail for 1,850 yen. Both will be available from the following three outlets: Roppongi, Futakotamagawa Rise S.C., and Cocoon City.

If you’re closer to Tokyo Station, you’ll be able to pick up a Sakura Minibon combo set, containing three Sakura Minibons and one regular Minibon, for 1,100 yen. Available only at the company’s Tokyo Station and Atre Kichijoji outlets.

Source, images: PR Times