Saving the planet and healing your heart at the same time.

Japan has been catching on to the convenience–and importance–of reusable coffee cups in recent years, and if anyone needed any more convincing to make the switch over from disposable cups, this new product from Starbucks ought to do it.

Simply called the Drink Hole Cap, this adorable little bear is designed to sit inside the hole on the lid of your coffee cup, protecting you from spills on the table or while out on the go in a car or on the street.

However, the Bearista cap is not sold separately. It can only be purchased as a set with a reusable cup, for a very reasonable 500 yen (US$4.72).

People who bring the cup to Starbucks for refills are also eligible for a discount, making this even more great value for money. Our resident Starbucks expert K.Masami, who’s been known to spill drinks on occasion, was thrilled to get one of these when they were released on 17 February, and immediately put it to good use, showing us just how well it works.

▼ All you have to do is fill the cup and pop the lid on, then drink as you would normally, through the mouth hole.

Once you’ve had enough liquid to satisfy your thirst for a while, it’s time to take out the little bear, who comes cutely dressed in a Starbucks barista apron.

Here to serve, the bear will happily plug right into the mouth hole, keeping the beverage nice and warm and protecting you from any spillages as well.

▼ Ta daaa〜!

Honestly, how cute is this? It’s not just great for practicality, it’s fantastic to look at too, and Masami couldn’t help but smile every time she looked at her little bear friend.

She even tipped the cup over on a slight angle to see if anything would leak out, but the Bearista firmly held everything in. She then went and took the little bear out for a ride in the car, and sure enough, there wasn’t a speck of spilled liquid to be seen anywhere.

Needless to say, Masami is now madly in love and won’t be going on anymore Starbucks runs without her little bear.

This cute set is only available until stocks run out so be sure to get in quick if you want to enjoy the company of a bear like Masami’s. And while you’re there, don’t forget there are plenty of limited-edition sakura goods and drinks in stores for a limited time too!

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