You’ll be spellbound by the spreading springtime colors.

Every season has its merits, but spring has that special frisson of excitement of new life after the cold, dark winter months — flowers bloom, baby animals are born and the sun lingers a little longer in the sky than it used to. Japan has the added bonus of cherry blossom season to look forward to, which is why so many springtime products incorporate the pastel pink petals into their aesthetic.

A new line of cups and glasses from pottery brand Marumo Takagi honors the timeless aesthetic of a blossoming sakura tree with its latest take on a temperature-activated, color-changing design.

The pattern on the implements features a stark outline of that classical symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji, with a red sun blazing in the background. The sakura tree stands in the foreground, bereft of blooms, while a crane in mid-flight soars towards a silhouetted pagoda. But as cold liquid — 17 degrees Celsius (62.6 degrees Fahrenheit) or lower — is added, the branches of the tree flood with pink and Mt. Fuji is granted a chilly blue tone to shade its peaks and crevices.

The line is titled Cold Mt. Fuji or Reikan Fujisan, taking after the company’s Cold Fireworks line from last year, and interested customers have the choice to purchase the design in a variety of formats.

▼ Elegant glasses, perfect for a cold drink of sake.

▼ Rounded tumbler glasses with plenty of space to admire the design.

▼ Lastly, a set of delicate, classic flat sake cups with stands.

The choice is yours — and it really is only an issue of aesthetic, as each of these two-piece sets is priced at 3,300 yen (US$31.36) here on Marumo Takagi’s online store.. But hurry! Only 223 sets will be made, so this pretty and impactful line is just as ephemeral as the sakura blossom it depicts.

Source: Marumo Takagi via Japaaan Magazine
Top image: Marumo Takagi
Insert images: Marumo Takagi (1, 2, 3)

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