Traditional Japanese flavours like we’ve never seen them before.

The word “wa” (“和”) is an interesting one in Japanese, as it can be used to mean both “Japan” and “harmony“, with the idea that both these meanings are synonymous with each other. It’s a concept that American baked goods chain Cinnabon is now shining a spotlight on, with a new duo of baked cinnamon rolls called “Wa Gokoro“, or “Japanese heart“.

So what is at the heart of a “Japanese heart”? Well, in Japan, that would be a sense of tradition, harmony and getting along with each other, and as it turns out, these concepts appear to be at the core of Cinnabon’s Wa Gokoro series too, with both treats doused in traditional flavours that work in harmony with the sweet scrolls, and with each other.

The first Wa Gokoro “bon”, as Cinnabon calls its rolls, is the Uji Matcha Nama Choco Bon, with nama choco referring to ganache chocolate and Uji Matcha being powdered green tea sourced from Uji in Kyoto, Japan’s most esteemed matcha-producing region.

The duo is complete with the Kuromitsu Kinako Bon, with kuromitsu (literally “black honey”) being black sugar syrup, which has a flavour similar to molasses, and kinako being roasted soybean flour.

▼ Matcha and chocolate is a harmonious combination of flavours commonly seen in the world of traditional Japanese sweets, as is kuromitsu and kinako.

As for harmonious pairings between these traditional Japanese flavours and Cinnabon, that’s one that hasn’t been explored until now, and the chain has decided to pair the Uji matcha variety, which is said to contain a matcha-flavoured cream cheese frosting, with their Mini Chocolate Bon. The deep matcha flavour and subtle sweetness is said to be a perfect match for the chocolate bon, and it’s a good choice for those who don’t like cinnamon as the spice isn’t included in this variety.

The Kuromistu Kinako Bon is being paired with the Classic Minibon, with the kuromitsu cream cheese frosting said to pair well with the cinnamon in the roll.

Both varieties go on sale at Cinnabon stores nationwide from 24 August, so we don’t have to wait too long before we get to find out how “wa” the Wa Gokoro series really is. If it’s anything like the chain’s Sakura Cinnabons that first made its debut here in 2018, we should be in for a very decadent mix of flavours.

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Source, images: PR Times
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