Japanese convenience store chain gives customers much more than they bargained for.

This year, Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart is celebrating its 40th anniversary with 40 Good Things, and one of those good things is a 40-percent increase in the size of its signature fried chicken, the Famichiki.

Family Mart’s Famichiki is legendary in Japan, so when fans found out about the amazing offer, they immediately stopped by their local branches to purchase the upsized servings of tender, juicy, oh-so-tasty fried chicken.

And when they did, they found something wonderful, because Family Mart wasn’t kidding around with the 40-percent upsize, as the new Famichiki were enormous.

▼ The new one (right) is much bigger than the original (left).

It didn’t take long for word to spread about the huge Famichiki, as happy customers began sharing photos of their enormous servings online.

▼ Putting it in the special bun designed for regular-sized Famichiki gives you an idea of just how big this chicken is.

▼ And in the hands of children, the Famichiki looks even more gigantic.

So how big exactly is the new Famichiki? According to one online sleuth, the regular-sized version is advertised as weighing 80 grams (2.82 ounces), but often weighs in at around 90-100 grams. A 40-percent increase, then, would mean the new Famichiki should officially weigh 126-140 grams, or 129-143 grams according to real-weight figures.

However, as their research shows, the real weight of this particular upsized Famichiki weighs in at a whopping 163.9 grams, which makes it more like a 65-percent increase.

▼ Other customers also attested to the extra-large increase.

It’s not every day a company gives customers even more than the advertised upgrade, and Family Mart has won everyone over with this impressive display of customer service. The extra large portion size means people are now enjoying the Famichiki slabs in all sorts of ways, adding them to McDonald’s burgers

▼ …slapping them on bentos

▼ …inserting them into sandwiches

▼ and popping them in curries to make epic katsu curry!

As it turns out, the Famichiki isn’t the only product getting a size upgrade for this special 40th birthday anniversary campaign, as a select number of other products will also be increasing by 40 percent for a limited time.

Some of the upsized products include:

▼ Chicken thigh yakitori sticks…

▼ …specially marked bentos and salads…

▼ …and specially marked sandwiches.

Unlike other convenience store sandwiches, which have been dubbed “paper tiger sandwiches” due to their lack of fillings, the ones at Family Mart are entirely covered with fillings!

The new campaign is only available for a limited time, from 10-31 August, or until stocks last, so be sure to get in quick to enjoy the extra big servings. And if you happen to be in Kyoto, you’ll be able to pair your giant Famichiki with a specially crafted whiskey at the Family Mart whiskey bar!

Sources: Family Mart via Hachima Kikou, Jin
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