The popular Japanese lingerie maker teams up with Barbie to promote body positivity and comfort with stylish designs.

“Visuals, functionality, comfort.” These are the hallmark traits of a new line of Peach John lingerie known as the “Noble Breasts Project” that was released on February 17 in tandem with a forward-thinking Japanese comedian and Peach John’s “Real-Sized Model” campaign.

This is actually the second Peach John collaborative collection based on designs provided by 37-year-old Japanese comedian Barbie (one-half of the comedy duo Fall in Love) and developed with the input of countless other women. “Your breasts are for no one but yourself,” says Barbie of her inspiration for the project. “We are sending these bras so that your noble breasts can spend each day in splendid comfort.”

▼ A behind-the-scenes, making-of video of the development process and photoshoot behind the Noble Breasts Project

There are a total of three new bra sets. Each set comes with the choice of two color schemes and matching panties to boot. Let’s now take a look at each of them in more detail.

1. Queen Bra ~ Blown by the Sicilian Wind set

The vivid colors and flower-themed lace of this first set is inspired by the bright colors of the Sicilian coast. In addition to the matching panties, this set also offers you the choice of matching thongs.

2. Ultra Soft Cotton Strapless Bra set

Removable straps mean that you can customize this second set to fit your needs for stability. A lace-up in the center of the bust area also forms a chic accent and is fully functional, allowing you to adjust your cleavage as well.

3. “Let Them be Free” Bra Top set

This third set features the perfect work-from-home bra that Barbie says is so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re even wearing in no time. The fabric stretches easily and allows your skin to breathe in ultimate comfort.

Each set comes in a variety of sizes suitable for breasts and bodies of all shapes. Individual bras in all three of the sets range from 3,980-4,580 yen (US$36.70-42.24) depending on the size while the matching panties range from 1,480-1,980 yen each.

For other fun Peach John collaborations, check out last year’s Pokémon Girls Collection and the Super Sailor Moon Sets.

Source: Peach John
Images: PR Times
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