Another reminder that anything can and will become Evangelion-ized.

After 13 years since its initial announcement, the last Neon Genesis Evangelion film remake has finally been released. To commemorate its arrival in movie theaters, the Aonami Line–which runs within Nagoya, between Nagoya and Kinjo-futo stations–has recently received a temporary makeover as the Ayanami Line.

With train cars decorated with one of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s most titular mecha pilots, Rei Ayanami, fans of the Evangelion franchise and/or trains in general can enjoy this limited-edition ride, which started from March 13.

▼ A sneak peek at the Ayanami Line running!

Embossed with Rei’s bust on the side and front, the train cars are wrapped in a purple and dark sea green motif. Paper tickets issued for the train will contain Rei as well as her mecha, Unit 00, emblazoned on the front, and will also come with a poster printed on sturdy paper.

Besides enjoying the ride on the train, folks can digitally interact with its stops through the Tekuteku Life app, a Pokémon Go-adjacent game where players can explore a city’s historical sites and registered shops. The check-ins on the Ayanami Line will also be Evangelion-themed, pointing players to local “Eva Spots.”

▼ The anniversary ticket and poster come together at 720 yen (US$6.61)

Special, limited-edition Rei-themed merchandise will also be offered. From a case for your train pass to a lanyard, there are multiple ways to bring one of Evangelion‘s most popular characters along with you on future commutes.

▼ The pass case costs 2,000 yen (USD$18.36) and can fit up to two train passes.

▼ The lanyard has a miniature version of an Ayanami train car running across it and is priced at 800 yen (US$7.34).

Other goodies also available include a poster-like clear file and even a shopping bag embellished with Rei’s smiling face. Every product, save for the limited edition tickets which will be available until the Ayanami Line’s end-date, will be on sale until March 28 at a pop-up store in the Maker’s Pier shopping center near Kinjoufutou Station.

▼ Ayanami Line clear file for 500 yen (US$4.59).

▼ Shopping bags are 100 yen (USD$0.92) apiece!

Furthermore, if you buy all five limited-edition goodies, you receive a postcard set consisting of five postcards with different Evangelion-themed designs. Folks can still receive a postcard as long as they rack up over 1,000 yen (USD$9.18) in total for their purchases.

The Ayanami Line will be running until May 31 2021. Limited-edition merchandise, save for the Rei-themed tickets, will be available from March 20-28, though it’s possible products may sell out before the end date. And here’s hoping that even after the Ayanami Line reverts back to the Aonami Line, the cool mecha pilot remains an everlasting fan-favorite. 

Pop-Up Store Location
Ayanami Line Pop-Up Store
Address: Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Kinjoufutou 2-chome 7-1 Maker’s Pier, inside anela (No. 30 on the map, immediately west of the welcome center)
愛知県名古屋市港区金城ふ頭2丁目7-1 メイカーズ ピア anela 内(マップ No.30) ウェルカムセンターから西へすぐ
10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Source: Ayanami Line Press Release (1, 2) via Netlab
Ayanami Line Press Release
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