Six seconds is all fans need to hear to know another hit is on the way, but there’s a longer preview too.

Having climbed to the very top of the Japanese music industry, Utada Hikaru has achieved “only has to create new songs and videos when she feels like it” levels of stardom. And apparently she does feel like it these days, because while she’s taken plenty of extended breaks during her career, she’s already back in action just one month after the release of her video for “One More Kiss” with a teaser for her next project, a video for her new song “Pink Blood.”

Like “One More Kiss,” which serves as the closer for Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, “Pink Blood” is also an anime theme. This time Utada’s vocals are contributing to To Your Eternity, a TV anime adaptation of the manga by Yoshitoki Oima, creator of A Silent Voice.

The teaser is an almost antagonistically six seconds, but there’s a lengthier preview playing in the background of the To Your Eternity trailer.

The anime follows Fushi, an extraterrestrial being that wanders earth, taking on the appearance of those he experiences an emotional connection with. But while Fushi is immortal, the people and animals he meets aren’t, and themes of bonding, loss, and identity are reflected in “Pink Blood” lyrics such as “The only person who can comfort you is yourself” and “Beauty is beauty, even if there’s no one to hear it.”

Utada’s teaser doesn’t give any timetable other than “coming soon” and a reminder to “stay tuned” for an upcoming release date announcement. But with To Your Eternity making its Japanese TV broadcast premiere last Monday, odds are the wait won’t be too long for the “Pink Blood” video.

Top image: YouTube/Hikaru Utada
Insert image: YouTube/アニメ『不滅のあなたへ』公式- Anime OFFICIAL TO YOUR ETERNITY –
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