Whatever you think it is, it’s definitely not.

The Japanese retail chain store Don Quijote is well known for its ridiculous merchandise, ranging from bubblegum-flavored chips to insta-cleavage bust inserts.

But aside from the wacky items, Don Quijote sells plenty of normal things too. Kitchenware, shoes, clothes, toiletries and more — they have it all.

Although when you have novelty gifts on the same shelf as regular products, and the novelty one is cheaper, sometimes you end up in situations like Japanese Twitter user @fumi_photo here:

“My shower head broke so I bought the cheapest one at Don Quijote and…”


If you haven’t clicked on the video, be sure to do so, because mere words can’t do it justice.

To be honest, I was expecting cockroaches to come pouring out, or maybe some sort of rust-colored water… certainly not a rave!

▼ Here’s the box it came in. At only 600 yen (US$5.46),
and not requiring any batteries or electricity to work, it’s pretty cool but…

▼ …it also broke after only two days.
“Have to give it a funeral.”

Apparently the shower head started making a sound like an axle came loose inside, and since there’s no screw to open it, it’s more or less impossible to fix. However, despite the short lifespan, @fumi_photo said that they felt they got their 600 yen worth from just the experience alone and getting so many people to laugh.

For the most part, Japanese netizens seemed to agree:

“The dance floor is heating up.”
“Perfect for when the power goes out and you’re in the shower.”
“That shower head has been to one too many clubs.”
“I actually use this all the time, and the bathhouse I go to has it too lol.”
“I have this too, makes the shower feel like a love hotel.”

▼ It seems a lot of people have similar setups, as this other person shared,
complete with immersive head-bobbing.


If you’re just looking for a laugh, then buying the cheapest item available at Don Quijote will definitely fit the bill. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more reliable, shower heads now join Astroturf bras and panties on the growing list of things you should probably splurge on at least the second-cheapest one of.

Source: Twitter/@fumi_photo via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pixabay
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