Get a taste of seven different Japanese soup stocks with every bite of these new Don Quijote-exclusive chips!

If you’ve ever been to Japan, especially if you’ve spent some time around Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho district, then you’ve probably wandered into a Don Quijote. Known as a discount store where you could probably buy anything you need, Don Quijote is a chaotic world of overflowing shelves and piles of useless but kind of cool and pretty cheap products that you probably don’t need but will buy anyway. It has everything from cosmetics to home supplies, outfits for Christmas, and even toys and costumes for the bedroom on the upper floors, but if you keep to the first floor you will typically be safely treated to aisles upon aisles of different snacks.

While many of these snacks are available at different stores around Japan, some are only sold at Don Quijote. They’ve had a partnership with potato chip company Calbee since 2013, and since then have been an exclusive seller of nine different limited edition snacks, like Shrimp with Rich Mayonnaise flavored potato chips and Scallops with Soy Sauce and Butter flavored shrimp crackers. The tenth and newest flavor to grace the shelves will be released on February 26: Rainbow Potato Chips! Sadly, they don’t come in pretty rainbow colors, though the package is colorful enough, but their rainbow assortment of flavors will certainly please your taste buds.

The Rainbow Potato Chips are flavored like a broth infused with seven ingredients: kelp, bonito, shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, clams, oysters, and scallops. Since apparently soup broths are popular right now, according to the Don Quijote Group Press Release (who knew?), Don Quijote and Calbee decided to team up to release this new flavor-packed chip that “everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy” (except those who hate seafood, apparently; they might want to skip these).

That sounds like an awful lot of flavors packed into one chip, and given the penchant for some of Japan’s more unique potato chips to be just kind of okay or weirdly sweet, we’re not sure how these will turn out. Nevertheless, we’ve taste tested some flavors that we expected to be bad and were pretty good, so we’d recommend you give them a try either way!

Source: Don Quixote Press Release via livedoor NEWS via My Game News Flash
Images: Press Release Times