For those times when you want to feel like you’ve got grass growing all over your chest and hindquarters.

Japanese lingerie designers usually go for a pretty overt mix of cute and/or sexy elements in their designs. Ribbons and frills are ever-present in intimate apparel aimed at young shoppers, and shiny metallic clips and sparkling bead accessories, placed to draw the eye to specific parts of the body, are common on racier bras and panties.

But so far it seems only one designer has been so bold as to cover a lingerie set in fake grass, like you’d see at a sports stadium with artificial turf.

Japanese Twitter user @ht_mugicha spotted this unique underwear option while shopping at Don Quijote, a Japanese discount retailer that sells…well just about anything. Don Quijote’s stores are stocked with everything from hard liquor to furniture…and apparently AstroTurf lingerie. It’s such an unprecedented fashion statement that some people had trouble visually processing what they were looking at in the photos.

“It took my brain about five seconds to understand that those are bras.”
“When I first glanced at it, I thought it was a bunch of broccoli.”
“Looks like avocados are on special.”

After realizing what they were looking at, the next question on everyone’s mind was “Why?!?” “All I can imagine is that you’re supposed to put this on when you’re planning to hide in some tall grass,” tweeted @ht_mugicha, but some online commenters had their own theories about the most appropriate situations in which to wear the bra and panties, as well as a few other observations.

“You could wear it when you’re going to play paintball.”
“Specifically designed for people who’re going to have sex outdoors.”
“Am I the only one who thinks this could be handy for scrubbing your bathtub?”
“If you cut out just the cups, you could use them as grassy hills for displaying your Nendroids [anime figures] on.”

In the end, all of this confusion doesn’t seem to have done the fake turf bra and panties any favors in the sales department, as they’ve been marked down to the extremely low price of 30 yen (US 27 cents). So while they may not be fashionable in any traditional sense, if you’re looking to build up an underwear stockpile, or simply want some very special (“weird” is a kind of special, right?) showdown lingerie, Don Quijote has you covered.

Source: Togech
Featured image: @ht_mugicha