What’s cracking this time?

Since its debut in 1997, Tamagotchi has taken the world by storm, first manifesting as a fad between the late ’90s and the early 2000s, and more recently, making a surprise return with collaborations featuring popular anime characters. While the comeback was definitely nostalgia-inducing for some, and also introduced the beloved virtual alien pets to a new generation, 2021 in particular is a special year for the Tamagotchi franchise as the year marks its 25th birthday. To celebrate such an awesome milestone, the official Tamagotchi website has released a mysterious announcement, which has puzzled many, albeit in an amusing manner.

“What are the Tamagotchi about to say?”

Going into the website reveals the date, June 17, 2021, and a large, shaking egg. While the first Tamagotchi was technically released for sale in late November 1997, perhaps a special announcement will be made on June 17 in regards to an autumn celebration? Nevertheless, the flashing “Click” command above the egg compelled us to move our mouse and…

▼ … a statement was revealed on the egg!

While “Foodie x Mouth” may be a bit cryptic, we can at least roughly connect the dots for these two concepts. Clicking on the egg rendered other results, some head-scratching, others relatively straightforward.

▼ Twitter, is that you?

▼ “Pien,” actually Japan’s 2020 Word of the Year, is social media slang which can either denote sadness or tears of joy.

▼ Uh, I’m not commenting on this one.

With this new website, both fans of the franchise and those who earnestly played with their own Tamagotchi in the past gathered to speculate as well as share their reactions:

“Are we gonna get a Tamagotchi phone or something?”
“Some of these messages on the website’s egg kinda remind me of the banter in host and hostess clubs.”
“Will we finally get a Tamagotchi smartphone app?”

As an additional plus, Tamagotchi also released a short video celebrating their 25th anniversary, featuring a giant egg nestled in a tree within Tokyo’s downtown bustle, and of course, scenes of all kinds of folks enjoying their Tamagotchi pocket companion.

Who knows what lays in store for the coming rest of the year when it comes to Tamagotchi, but whatever it is, we’re certain we’ll at least get a complete blast from the past as mid-June approaches and we wait in anticipation for Tamagotchi’s big announcement!

Source: Twitter/@TMGC_net via Hachima Kiko
Insert images: Bandai

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