1990s tech toy that kick-started the virtual pet boom is back!

Japanese toymaker Bandai has a bit of a thing for technology, what with its extensive catalogue of anime robot models as well as cool real-world tech like a capsule toy machine you can operate through your smartphone. And though Bandai’s technological prowess isn’t quite strong enough for it to build a functioning time machine, it’s still found a way to transport us all back a few decades.

This month, Bandai will be re-releasing the original version of the Tamagotchi, which set off a virtual pet craze in the late ‘90s. Even though the Tamagotchi was originally released in 1996, the re-issue is being sold as the “20th Anniversary Tamagotchi” (although if you choose to go by its U.S. release in 1997, the math works out).

The 20th Anniversary models come in packaging identical to the originals’, and are even offered in the classic six color patterns.

Bandai will also be simultaneously re-releasing the Discovery of New Species Tamagotchi models, which feature slightly updated, yet still, by modern standards, character artwork.

▼ Standard (top two rows) vs. New Species (bottom rows)

The throwback toys go on sale November 23, priced at 2,916 yen (US$27). While that seems a tad pricy for 20-year-old tech, the target market has had two decades to save up its allowance, so we figure it shouldn’t be too hard to finance this nostalgia trip.

Source: Livedoor News via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Bandai
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