Raise your own Pillar of the secret society of demon slayers.

When it comes to anime in the Reiwa Era, nothing has come close to the commercial success of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Its movie shattered domestic box-office records and even became the first Japanese movie to rank number one in the world on its opening weekend.

It’s rarified air for Japanese media franchises, and certainly worthy enough to be adapted into the timeless pocket game Tamagotchi. Earlier this month, a line-up of the addictive egg games featuring the series’ main characters hit stores and drove fans wild.

And without giving us a chance to catch our breath, starting 30 October pre-orders for the Kimetsu Tamagotchi Hashira Collection began offering a first chance to grab one of nine new designs for 2,530 yen (US$24) each.

Each of these Tamagotchi are slightly smaller than the earlier models and features a pattern based on the nine Hashira (“Pillars”), which are the elite members of the Demon Slayer Corps. Pre-orders for the Kyojuro Rengoku model have already started and on 16 November will also open for the other eight Hashira.

▼ Kyojuro Rengoku Tamagotchi

However, the models are only cosmetically different and the Hashira that your aspiring slayer will grow into depends solely on how you raise them.

▼ Muichiro Tokito Tamagotchi and Mitsuri Kanroji Tamagotchi

The story of Demon Slayer actually lends itself well to Tamagotchi. Much like Tanjiro in the story’s opening, players start by raising a normal everyday schlub, and help them progress up the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps all the way to Hashira.

This involves rigorous training which includes a whole body workout, rock lifting, and meditation. These mini-games are different from the original line-up too, offering those who already bought a prior version a new experience.

▼ Giyu Tomioka Tamagotchi and Obanai Iguro Tamagotchi

And of course it wouldn’t be Demon Slayer without some demons to slay. One of three types will occasionally make an appearance and must be dealt with before it completely consumes your Tamagotchi’s screen. The Pillar versions will even feature demons that appeared in the recent Mugen Train film as well.

▼ Sanemi Shinazugawa Tamagotchi and Gyomei Himejima Tamagotchi

And that’s not all. You can also expect cameo appearances by the series’ main characters like Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu in these new versions as well.

▼ Tengen Uzui Tamagotchi and Shinobu Kocho Tamagotchi

These new Tamagotchi will join what’s left of the existing ones on store shelves in March and April of next year and are a must-buy for the Demon Slayer super-fan who still has money left after all the Demon Slayer cakes, Demon Slayer okonomiyaki spatulas, and Demon Slayer hair coloring.

Source: Bandai Premium, @Press
Images: @Press
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