With characters from Super Mario, Pokémon, Sanrio, and Sesame Street, it’s like the Smash Bros. of theme park parades.

Even if you’re not into Hollywood blockbusters, there are some pretty compelling arguments for planning a visit to Universal Studios Japan. The Osaka park has been rapidly allying itself with one Japanese video game or anime franchise after another, and now they’ve got so many stars in their corner that two of the country’s most beloved characters, Mario and Pikachu, will even be teaming up with each other.

As part of USJ’s gradual transition back to full operating status, it’s announced that it’s bringing back its No Limit! Parade. The parade went on hiatus a year and a half ago, as the pandemic was picking up steam, and in the time since USJ has opened its Super Nintendo World expansion and announced a creative alliance with the Pokémon Company, so when the parade returns, it’ll feature characters from both of its new partners.

It sounds like it won’t be just the plumber himself representing Super Nintendo World, either, as the announcement says “Mario and his friends” will be joining the parade. Similarly, USJ is promising the appearance of “Pokémon,” so there’s a chance that species other than Pikachu, such as Eevee, Ditto, or Slowpoke could also be joining the fun.

Wild Eevees appearing at the Yokohama Pikachu Outbreak event

In addition to Super Mario and Pokémon, the event will also feature Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and characters from Sesame Street, Minions, and Sing, so the “no limit” theme works as a dual reference to not only the power of dreams, but to USJ’s ability to navigate complex multi-party licensing agreements.

The parade is a dancing, musical procession set to genres ranging from ‘60s rock to modern EDM. It’ll be held daily starting next spring, at which point we’ll find out if Mario can dance as well as we know Pikachu can.

Source: PR Times
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