Spending time with its lab-created “ideal mother” may have you screaming for your mommy.

Summer is the season of fear in Japan, with traditional beliefs about how the chill going down your spine when you hear a scary story is a great way to beat the heat. Last summer we saw the creation of Japan’s first drive-in haunted house, and soon there’ll be another new development in the sector with the opening of the first “baby play haunted house” in Tokyo.

The framing device for haunted house Bublimit involves a company that’s looking to enter the childcare sector by developing what it calls the Smart Mommy, a man-made ideal mother that will take care of all of an infant’s needs. The company is currently recruiting volunteers to help with the development process at its childcare facility, the Red Sheep, by taking on the role of babies for the Smart Mommy to interact with. “There is no need to be afraid,” the press release assures participants, along with promises that “the sweet aromas, comforting warmth, and happy memories of childhood” they’ll experience will soothe any stress they’ve accumulated in their adult lives.

Given the ominous looking images, though, and the backstory’s description that the Smart Mommy was developed using the company’s extensive research into phobias, nightmares, and what makes little children cry during the night, odds are the experiment isn’t going to go smoothly, perhaps in relation to the Smart Mommy’s mission statement of offering care “from cradle to grave.”

Bublimit is the latest project from Tokyo terror specialists Zaunted, who also run a “horror culture cafe” themed restaurant, Zunted Mansion, in west Tokyo’s Koenji neighborhood. The building’s first floor is the cafe/bar, while the second floor is the venue for their rotating haunted house projects.

In celebration of Bublimit’s debut, which is scheduled for mid-July, the cafe will also be offering a new beverage, served in a baby bottle.

However, judging from the promotional images for Bublimit, it looks like your mobility might be restricted during the event, so saving the drinks for afterwards is probably the best idea, seeing as how the terror alone is probably going to be enough to have you wanting to pee your pants, and we’re not sure if Smart Mommy knows how to change diapers yet.

Location information
Zaunted Mansion
Address: Tokyo-to, Suginami-ku, Kichijoji 3-45-1

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Images: PR Times
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