Smart products seem to be emerging left and right these days with smart wigs getting a patent by Sony and smart sushi restaurants already on the streets. With all this smartness to be had, why not give your nails the same intelligence. They deserve it. All you have to do is pick up some Smart Nails recently released by H2L.

Installation is simple, just apply the Smart Nails to your nails and you’re done. Now, whenever you use an IC card like a train pass or other pre-paid card your fingernails will start twinkling!

And that’s not all! What’s tha… Oh, actually that is all it does. By now you might be clicking your tongue thinking, “That’s not very smart at all.” A lot of people in Japan, upon hearing the word “smart,” will often think of it in the sense of being stylish or classy. Maybe that’s what they were going with when creating Smart Nails.

Smart Nails can be bought through Amazon for 980 yen (US$9.60). According to the H2L website they last from three to four weeks. They also recommend that you stay away from induction heaters, microwaves, and any kind of static electricity while wearing them. Going near that stuff with Smart Nails wouldn’t be very smart.

Source: Smart Nails via Netlab (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – H2L