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Our long-time readers will remember Lotteria’s famous–or possibly infamous–ramen noodle burgers last May. We even set Mr. Sato off to try out an extra-massive ramen noodle burger and were amazed by his ability to consume gargantuan amounts of food. As strange as the combination of noodles and buns seemed at the time, it apparently earned the company a lot of happy customers, since Lotteria will be bringing back noodle burgers at the end of this month, with a few new twists…

This time Lotteria has slammed a different kind of noodle patty between two buns–they’ve teamed up with one of Tokyo’s oldest ramen shops, Taishoken, to create their potentially-delicious, carb-tastic burgers. The sandwiches, officially named “Taishoken Original Tsukemen Burger,” will only be sold from May 20 until mid-June, so if you’re desperate for the dream team of noodles and burgers, you won’t want to waste any time.

Apparently Taishoken supervised this beautiful monstrosity, so if nothing else, you’ll know that you’re getting good tsukemen–ramen noodles which are usually served cold for dipping in hot soup. There will be three versions of the burgers as well–you can get one, two, or even three ‘patties’! That’s the kind of variety that you normally only find in dreams.

▼Confusing, delicious dreams.


Pricing starts at 650 yen (about US$6.50) for one patty, 700 yen for two patties, and 750 yen for three.

As you can seen in the picture above, your order of a noodle burger–no relation to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, we’re assured–comes with a bowl of soup for dipping, should the buns and tsukemen combination prove too dry. Here you can get some actual variety with your order, however, since the soup cup comes with either chicken or pork broth, filled with various fish like sardines in addition to pork slices, bamboo shoots, and onions.

▼”Various ways to eat it! Eat it how you want!”
“Eat it as is. Dip it in the special soup. You can even request diluted soup.”


If you’re wondering why you would want to dilute the soup, it seems to be so you can finish it after you’ve eaten the burger. Which actually makes a lot of sense…though since we’re mixing things, we think they should dilute it with orange juice and make a contest out of it!

Now, if we could just figure out why Lotteria is so obsessed with shoving noodles where they don’t belong…

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Images: Lotteria