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We visit Japanese fast food chain Dom Dom’s upscale branch for a taste of luxury

These may not be Dom Dom prices, but they are Dom Dom quality.

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Japanese burger shop Lotteria offering venison burgers this November for “Good Meat Day”

Fancy trying a different kind of burger?

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A&G Diner’s “Best Burger in Tokyo” Hijacks Taste Buds, Takes Them for a Wild Ride

Everyone seems to agree that the best burger joint in Tokyo is A&G Diner in fancy-schmancy Jingumae. It tops the lists on Gourmet and B Gourmet blogs and gossip sites and is the first name out of the mouths of my restaurant critic friends.

I decided to check it out for myself to see if the taste lived up to the hype and glam of Jingumae. I went in to attack an A&G Diner burger with abandon, but, as it turns out, the burger attacked me . . .

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