Spoiler: you’ll definitely be able to treat yourself.

Dom Dom Burger, Japan’s oldest hamburger chain that serves up some unique creations from time to time, is a personal favorite for our Japanese-language reporter Kouhey. He likes Dom Dom Burger so much that he purchased their 2023 fukubukuro lucky bag a few months ago, and among his goodies, he found 3,00o yen (US$22.67) worth of vouchers.

Tempted by the thought, “What if I used all of these coupons at once?”, he headed over to Dom Dom Burger’s Maruetsu Higashi-Narashino branch to do just that: see how much he could get for 3,000 yen.

▼ He aimed to spend exactly 3,000 yen–no more, no less. He perused the menu while planning.

The limited-edition burgers looked pretty good: the Potato Mochi Cheese Burger and the Honey Cheese Chicken Burger.

Inside, he found a crepe menu, a gem that only a few Dom Doms offer.

He placed his order and put down exactly six 500-yen vouchers.

And here’s what his 3,000-yen haul got him, in no particular order:

1. Potato Mochi Cheese Burger Set – 990 yen
2. Flavoring for the French fries in the set – 80 yen
3. Honey Cheese Chicken Burger – 450 yen
4. Big Dom Tomato & Cheese – 560 yen
5. Crispy Chicken – 240 yen
6. Banana Custard Chocolate and Nuts Crepe – 440 yen
7. Soft Serve Sundae – 240 yen

You can check the math yourself, but it does indeed add up to exactly 3,000 yen. Kouhey got three burgers–one of them as a set–some chicken, a crepe, a small sundae, and a drink.

Not a bad haul, right?

That mission was accomplished, but another task remained: to eat everything he ordered by himself. In Kouhey’s mind, there was no option to take home what he couldn’t finish in the restaurant. It was an actual case of go big or go home for him.

He started off with the more volume-y items like the Honey Cheese Chicken Burger.

The juicy chicken and creamy cheese stared at him invitingly.

Delicious! Kouhey is a big fan of honey chicken, so it wasn’t a chore at all to devour this one.

▼ He quickly demolished it.

▼ His next choice was the Potato Mochi Cheese Burger.

This particular burger has a no-meat patty, being made from fried mochi (pounded sticky rice). It’s a great comfort dish, especially for mochi lovers.

It was yummy and chewy. Mochi does fill up the stomach quickly, though, so Kouhey was glad he got it out of the way sooner than later.

▼ Second one down!

He chose the Crispy Chicken as a palette cleanser before tackling the final burger.

Thankfully (in Kouhey’s case), it wasn’t very large, so he was able to finish it with some spare room in his stomach.

With all of that out of the way, he was ready to take on a classic: the Big Dom.

His stomach felt full just looking at it, but he knew he’d be mostly in the clear once chowing this one down.

At least it’s delicious! Flattening the buns a bit helped it go down more easily.

Now time for French fries and dessert. He got some consommé flavoring for his potatoes, so he added that to his bag and shook it up to coat the taters evenly.

There were more fries than Kouhey remembered, but still he persevered.

He decided his best strategy was to shove four or five in his mouth at a time.

He’s sure the consommé flavor is delicious on a normal day, but he didn’t have much mental space to savor it anymore. Another victory earned.

Now only the desserts remained. He started with the more voluminous of the two, the crepe.

It looked a lot more filling than the burgers…

He regretted choosing this one, but too late for that. Besides, there’s always room in Kouhey’s stomach for dessert.

We apologize that Kouhey can’t really give his thoughts on this one, but you’ll probably understand why.

▼ Finally, the last boss: the Soft Serve Sundae.

▼ He powered through this one too.

▼ Done!

Kouhey finished his 3,000-yen haul in one sitting, leaving no crumbs. In hindsight, it would have been better to share with someone or take some of it home, but then we wouldn’t be able to write this article, now would we?

Just imagine how he’d do at the upscale Dom Dom in Ginza, where they have even bigger and crazier concoctions. For now, we congratulate Kouhey and wish him happy digestion.

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