Three special stars from Japan’s TikTok scene show up to guide us through Starbucks’ COVID-19 preventative measures.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, businesses in Japan have had to take a variety of COVID-19 preventative measures, especially to avoid the three Cs as recommended by the government. While some businesses have opted for a combo of social distancing, mandatory mask wearing, as well as adjusted business hours, Starbucks has chosen to present its COVID-19 preventative measures in a fun, whimsical video featuring none other than Japan’s TikTok-famous Sato Triplets.

Produced within the summer, the video is essentially a list of the various safety measures Starbucks has implemented in its over 1,500 stores in Japan. Each measure is demonstrated by the synchronous movement of the Sato Triplets, and many are accompanied by an adorable, gray plush “bearista”.

Playing the video, it starts off with a quick word of thanks to the coffeehouse chain’s patrons before rolling out to the beat of a poppy soundtrack and immediately introducing Starbucks’ first measure: mandatory mask wearing.

▼ Originally rhythmic gymnasts, the Sato Triplets are popular for their synchronized antics.

Next, the video moves onto preventative measures which take place before entering a Starbucks store and ordering a drink. As the Sato Triplets receive a fine spray of hand sanitizer from the bearista, they dance in sync to a mini hand-scrubbing routine.

▼ Thank goodness there’s no flips in this one.

Of course, another measure which many are familiar with, regardless of where you live, is social distancing. Three bears guide the brothers to their respective places in line before they bend forward into an artful pose.

▼ Another preventative measure Starbucks has implemented is mandatory mask wearing, even when using the drive-thru.

Finally, the video ends on what’s expected of patrons who decide to dine or drink-in, emphasizing masks should only come off when eating or taking a sip from your coffee. Otherwise, masks are expected to stay on and patrons are warmly suggested to head out as soon as their drink or meal is finished.

It’s good to know about the safety measures being implemented by Starbucks Japan, and though it’ll no doubt be a hot second before things will operate as they did before, if you ever find yourself missing Starbucks, but not the long lines, you can always check out our in-depth scoop of the world’s largest Starbucks located in the heart of Tokyo.

Source, images: YouTube/スターバックス 公式
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