The inn is actually an upgraded traditional Japanese house that’s continuously served as a residence for officials for more than 400 years.

A traditional Japanese inn opened in Chiba Prefecture’s Isumi City last month, less than a ten-minute drive to the beach. Called Shoya no Sato Kominka Tanaka, two main points set it apart from other local inns. First, the entire house is available to rent for you and your family’s exclusive use, and second, the building has actually existed since the Sengoku period (Warring States Period; 1467-1615) of Japanese history.

The “kominka” in its name refers to an old Japanese-style house built using traditional architectural techniques and typically found in rural, agricultural communities. During the feudal Sengoku period, the house served as the residence of the chief retainer of the Toki samurai clan. Fast forward to the Edo period (1603-1868) and the village headman of the Seki Clan lived there. While the house has recently undergone renovations to be equipped with modern conveniences, it still retains the charm and tastes of its former residents as well.

Inside, the original wooden framework is retained, while updates were made using only natural building materials. Western-style additions such as beds, a dining table, and electrical appliances were also installed for the convenience of long-term stays.

Each room is also equipped with an air conditioning unit with ventilation functions to facilitate the flow of air.

For bathing options, you can choose either an indoor bath or an outdoor open-air rotenburo to suit your mood. The well water used in the house is treated with soft water (free of harsh minerals), making it particularly good for those with sensitive skin. It also leaves your hair and skin feeling extra soft and silky.

▼ Rotenburo

Outside, 1,000 tsubo (approximately 3,310 square meters/3,959 square yards) of space awaits, including your own private Japanese-style garden where you can experience a moment of zen.

The extensive lawn area is host to a campfire zone made from Oya tuff stone (an igneous rock), perfect for Japanese-style sparklers in the summer or a cozy campfire in the winter.

Perhaps the most striking modern addition to the residence is a full outdoor pool with an automatic filtration system. Adjacent to that is a small gazebo with a BBQ station and sink, meaning you can grill on both sunny and rainy days. By the way, guests have the option of purchasing BBQ kits with readied ingredients or even hiring a personal chef to cook inside and provide a taste of local delicacies.

With all of this space and amenities at your personal disposal, Kominka Tanaka’s regular season rates begin at 110,000 yen (US$1,002) per night. Depending on the size of your party, however, that could actually come out to be a pretty good deal. In fact, you may want to book the house now for your next excursion outside of Tokyo proper to see some of Chiba’s local sightseeing gems.

Inn information
Shoya no Sato Kominka Tanaka / 庄屋の里 古民家たなか
Address: Chiba-ken, Isumi-shi, Misaki-cho Shiigi 1589

Source, images: PR Times
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