The Johnnys’ Jr. group also feeds our love for nostalgic and classic J-Pop.

If there’s one thing SoraNews24 writers can’t get enough of, it’s classic J-Pop songs (OK, and also anything by legendary manga artist Rumiko Takahashi). Bonus points go to those timeless tracks with iconic accompanying dance choreography too. For example, we just couldn’t get enough of this retro 80s dance routine performed by high school students a few years back, which has now been viewed over 9.4 million times:

That’s why any news about catchy tunes immediately piques our interest–including the recent announcement that Johnnys’ Jr. group Travis Japan will be highlighting the dancing moves for which they’re known along to some classic tracks from their Johnny’s senpai groups.

Originally formed in 2012, the current lineup of Travis Japan materialized in 2017. As evidence of the septet’s up-and-coming nature as of late, Johnny & Associates has just released an all-new solo YouTube channel for them titled “+81 DANCE STUDIO” (+81 is Japan’s country calling code). While the group will continue to be featured on the main Johnnys’ Jr. channel, the custom channel will serve as a forum for them to showcase their dancing skills–largely to popular Johnny’s songs from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. 

The second teaser trailer particularly stokes our excitement by displaying a number of “Johnny’s Classics” album covers along with an upbeat, retro remix of several songs.

According to the announcement, September 4 is the big day when the first video will drop on the new channel. It will feature Travis Japan’s original choreography while dancing to ARASHI’s song “Love so Sweet,” which should be immediately recognizable to fans of the 2007 live-action drama Hana Yori Dango Returns.

I have personal reason to be excited for Travis Japan, as I was delighted to see a video in which the group visited Sendai and Matsushima earlier this month. Miyagi Prefecture and Tohoku in general are like a second home to me, and I have a soft spot for celebrities who make a point of experiencing the local charms of northeastern Japan.

▼ Travis Japan in front of warlord Date Masamune’s statue at the remains of Aoba Castle in Sendai

▼ Who posed better–Travis Japan, or me and my friends?

Photo © SoraNews24

Subscribe to Travis Japan’s +81 DANCE STUDIO YouTube Channel or Instagram to stay up-to-date with their most recent dance offerings. For one, we’re hoping that they’ll perform to several ARASHI songs to honor the quintet in their current hiatus.

Reference: Oricon News
Top image: YouTube/+ 81 DANCE STUDIO
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