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Quick, what is the geekiest thing you can imagine ever possibly happening? Is it four grown adults dressed like Mario characters dancing a Mario-themed, choreographed dance to classic Mario music, on a stage replete with several thousand-dollar Mario-themed props, in front of a crowd that is only passively aware of the Mario franchise at best, plus those guys from Duck Dynasty and some shirtless guy?

Well, if you were thinking of that oddly specific scenario, you are way off base, because one couple on Dancing with the Stars just made Mario-themed dancing about the coolest, most mainstream thing around with a beautifully choreographed routine that is proving a major YouTube hit.

The stars (this is DWTS, so everyone is a celebrity) Sadie Robinson and Mark Ballas, best known for being on reality TV and being a dance choreographer respectively, probably didn’t hatch the idea to do a Mario dance number themselves, but boy do we commend the – probably young – producer that did come up with the idea.

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Their routine consisted of a bunch of wink-nods to the Mario franchise above and beyond the clothing and decor, including a moment in which they actually hit a block floating in mid-air to obtain a green mushroom – which, to be honest, then triggers the gold star invincibility music, which is totally off-canon. The presence of Luigi and Toad, which only a true Mario fan would even consider incorporating, proves that this dance number was conceived by a hardcore Mario enthusiast.

It doesn’t hurt that the dance is actually pretty cool in its own right, with Ballas’ choreography mixing game-centric elements like the classic Mario jumping pose with more modern and – let’s admit – cooler styles like break dancing. Here’s hoping Sadie Robinson, whoever the hell she is, ends up winning the show through the strength of this performance alone!

Source: YouTube