Decision was made to prioritize singer’s health and recovery.

Gackt, a J-rock celebrity with a solo music career spanning over two decades and looks good enough to top countless rankings, had shocking news for fans today. According to his official website, the singer recently succumbed to symptoms of dysphonia, or voice disorder, possibly linked to a neurological disease he has long battled. As a result, he will be putting his musical activities on hold until further notice.

Part of the English translation of the Japanese announcement on the site reads:

“Gackt has been feeling ill for several weeks, but although he lost about 10 kilograms (22 pounds), his current condition is stable. However, doctors have confirmed that it will be impossible for GACKT to pursue work related to using his voice at this point due to severity of dysphonia.”

The decision was made after much discussion with his doctors, talent agencies, and other parties, and the decision was to put the artist’s recovery first and foremost.

Gackt himself followed up the official announcement with a personal comment later in the day, where he described an intense battle with his neurological condition for about three weeks starting at the beginning of August, which included fainting spells. Fortunately, his condition has recently stabilized.

At the moment, doctors can’t say for sure what triggered this intense episode of his neurological disorder (the name of which he has not revealed) or his inability to speak or sing normally, but the musician has assured fans that they are looking into the cause and will administer appropriate treatment once things have been figured out.

▼ It may be a while before we can see this intensity on stage again.

Rather than being devastated, the singer says he’s looking at it as just another obstacle he can overcome because he’s, well, Gackt. You know, the same Gackt that looks like a video game boss. He even said his promise for another album and tour still stands. Fans are surely still worried especially with no guesses as to when he’ll make a full recovery, but his positive mindset can only be an asset in this situation, and we wish him a speedy recovery!

Sources:, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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