As western stars who’ve been in the entertainment industry since we were nippers could tell you, reinvention is the cornerstone of a long and successful career. Just like Madonna and David Bowie, Japan’s mega-popular musical powerhouse Gackt loves a good makeover, and his newest incarnation has gotten Japanese netizens all riled up and excited. Why? Because he looks like a total badass!

Gackt’s newest form was unveiled on his official Facebook page, and is described to be the “new visual of Gackt”, which the artist will be rocking for the release of his 46th single to be released on October 7. The song, “ARROW” will hopefully be accompanied by a music video featuring Gackt throwing some shapes in his newest duds and fancy hairstyle.

So, let’s break down Gackt’s newest look: long, black braids, very pale skin, and some distressed vinyl rags. Who knew THAT combination could look so awesome?

Japan’s netizens were quick to weigh in on Gackt’s newest attire, with many praising the new direction.

“GACKT-sama‘s new look transcends reality, in fact he appears to be some kind of formidable enemy character which nobody could possibly defeat. Amazing!”

“As one would expect from the genius that is Gackt.”

“So cool! SO COOOOOOL!”

“He looks like a final boss from the Final Fantasy series!”

“Uh… does he look like Sephiroth to anyone else…?”

“He is overwhelmingly awe-inducing here.”

“He looks like Medusa. I wonder what the concept behind this look was?”

“Kinda looks like Hyde, lol!”

“If he was the final boss in a game I’d be scared!”

“He’s kinda stopped being an artist and become like a character now…”

We can’t wait to see what look Gackt comes up with next. We bet this isn’t even his final form…

Source and Image: Facebook/GACKT
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