Bright blond is considered a bold choice of hair colour in Japan, but there are some who can really rock the look.

In July this year, 500 men and women aged 20-30 answered a Goo Ranking survey which posed the question: “Which kimpatsu ikemen (“blond hot guy”) has the most impactful blond look?” Here’s the results!

1. Gackt

Singer, actor, and musician Gackt, who is known for his signature bleach blond anime-character hair, tops the list at number one. He’s also a cool all-around guy, having given a class of middle school students the surprise of their lives when he performed at their graduation.

2. Hyde

Fellow musician Hyde, from L-Arc-en-Ciel, often rocks a bleach blond lock and follows Gackt at number two.

3. Shun Oguri

Actor Shun, star of the recent Gintama live-action movie, is occasionally blond for acting roles. The look seems to have made an impression on fans, who voted for him at number three.

4. Hiro Mizushima

An almost-white blond look paired with stylized eyebrows and facial hair proved popular enough with fans for Hiro to squeeze into the number four slot.

5. Masaki Suda

Actor Masaki’s strong brows provide a pretty contrast with his bleached hair, whether it’s styled in a mop top or spikes.

6. Yu Shirota

This Japanese-Spanish actor and singer tends to keep his hair more honey blond than platinum.

7. Go Ayano

Actor Go sometimes accentuates his yellow-blond mop with curtains and a slight perm.

8. Haruma Miura

Actor Haruma went bleach blond for several roles, although usually sports a more subtle black shade.

9. Kentaro Sakaguchi

Kentaro recently appeared with a very blond look in the popular TV drama Tokyo Tarareba Musume, where his nickname was “Kimpatsu” (“blond”).

10. Yosuke Kubozuka

Yosuke has had a long career, and most recently starred in Martin Scorsese’s Silence. However, most Japanese audiences remember him best from his early role in Ikebukuro West Gate Park (IWGP), where he appeared with a fuzzy blond head of hair.

Personally, this writer thinks this list is rubbish since it omits actor Ryohei Suzuki who as well as being great in a number of varied roles is also super buff, can speak perfect English and, naturally, looks amazing here on the left with “kimpatsu” hair:

So do any of the blond hotties above get your vote, or is there someone missing from the list that belongs there? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: Goo Ranking
Featured image: Twitter/ohgacktyoudidnt