Creator of Inyasha, Ranma 1/2, and other hits shows where she draws, her amazing home library, and incredibly merch collection.

Having made her professional debut in 1978, manga creator Rumiko Takahashi’s career stretches back to long before the birth of online social media, or even home Internet service. But Takahashi, whose amazing body of work includes Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, and Urusei Yatsura, joined Twitter recently, and she spent a good chunk of the summer giving fans a tour of her home via her account.

It’s not a complete walk-through, as we don’t see such mundane locations as Takahashi’s kitchen or living room. What we do see, though, are the things that are of the most interest to fans, such as the manga master’s workspace and her veritable museum of merchandise and memorabilia from her decades’ worth of hits, starting with one of those incredible life-size Lum statues standing in her entryway, greeting visitors and later seeing them off.

As we’ve mentioned before, Takahashi has an absolutely insane work schedule, and as a result much of the creative process takes place in her home, with this being her personal drawing desk.

▼ Her screentone supply. Oh, and that’s only a partial look, as she’s got at least one more shelf full of different varieties.

Between Inuyasha and Mao, Takahashi has had plenty of occasion to draw swordfights, and so she actually keeps a replica katana around the house for reference (and that’s Takahashi herself holding it in the photo).

Other essential equipment: the cakes and crackers of the home office snack corner!

As you might expect for someone of her level of professional success, Takahashi lives in a rather spacious residence, and even has a basement, very much a rarity for Japanese homes. Head on down there, and you’ll find an expansive library.

Along with novels and references books, Takahashi also has a gigantic collection of back issues of publisher Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday manga anthology magazine, the serialization home of her biggest hits.

Something that’s sure to warm the hearts of Takahashi’s worldwide fanbase is that she also has whole shelves full of the foreign-language versions of her manga.

And then there’s the treasure trove of plushies, figures, and other memorabilia.

Ranma 1/2’s little pig P-chan remains one of the all-time great anime stuffed animals.

Rare items include special figures of Lum, who’s got a fondness for tiger-striped clothing, carrying a flag in support of the Hanshin Tigers professional baseball team…

…this awesome Kirara hanging from the ceiling…

…a Maison Ikkoku surfboard

…and a one-of-a-kind Inuyasha figure with shining Tessaiga blade, made to commemorate the manga’s completion in 2008.

Another completely unique piece is a full-scale sign for Ranma’s Tendo Dojo of Anything-Goes Martial Arts (or School of Indiscriminate Grappling, for original-localization loyalists), which was actually made by a fan and given to Takahashi as a gift.

Speaking of things presented to Takahashi, there’s also a place of honor on her wall for her Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon, awarded to her last year by the Japanese government for her artistic contributions and accomplishments.

Takahashi recently brought the tour to an unofficial close, but says she’ll be back with more inside looks if she finds any more “treasures” to share, and we have a hunch there are a whole lot more within the Rumic world inside her house.

Featured image: Twitter/@rumicworld1010
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