trash disposal in Japan

Titan trash can to be placed near a Coca-Cola vending machine in Oita to help promote recycling

Hopefully it will help people realize they’re not supposed to throw trash in recycling bins.

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Yokohama government trash-helper app gives poignant philosophical advice to depressed citizens

Sometimes help can come from where you least expect it… like, REALLY least expect it.

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“Little Sister” App Reminds You When to Take Out the Trash, Allows Users to Live Out Their Incestuous Fantasies

With limited area for people to live, Japanese citizens have to be very careful about how they dispose of trash.  There certainly isn’t enough space for massive landfills, so everyone is required to get rid of their garbage in a special way.  The method varies by city, but at the very least, garbage is sorted between burnable and unburnable trash, plastic bottles, cans, and glass.  In some areas, there are 14 different categories of trash that must be taken out on a designated day.

Because of all the complex rules, many people are in search of an easy way to remember when to take out the trash.  Well fellas, you’re in luck.

There’s an app for that…a scantily clad, sexually suggestive app. 

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