Team of beautiful models steps in when cats don’t feel like cooperating.

Variety shows are a mainstay of Japanese TV, but there’s still a limit to how wide the variety of content on any one particular program will be. Many of them primarily cover show business news, food trends, and leisure travel destinations, but a new variety program that’s about to premiere has chosen to focus on a different pair of things: cats and cat cosplay.

Neko Shika Katan, which translates loosely to “Victory Belongs to the Cats,” will be co-hosted by Enako, Japan’s “number-one cosplayer” who’s been increasingly branching out into other media ventures. In each episode, Enako and her co-host, comedian Tetsuya Morita, will cover cat news and introduce cat videos from around the world, as well as read humorous haiku written by cats’ servants (or the cats “owners,” as foolish humans like to call themselves).

The program will also contain segments in which Enako and Morita attempt to make a viral cat video. However, since one of the great truths in our world is that cats will only do what they want to do, the in-studio animals’ cooperation is by no means guaranteed, so in those cases…

cat cosplay and gravure models are on standby to fill in for felines who aren’t feeling it.

Among the models lined up to appear on the show are Tsukasa Wachi (pictured above), Kokoro Shinozaki, Saki Miyamoto

Sakura Otawa, and Rira Shirayuki.

Neko Shika Katan premiers October 5 on broadcaster TV Osaka, and episodes will be also be streamed from its YouTube Channel (found here). Each episode will air from 12:30 to 12:45 a.m., so they’re not particularly long, but if another Japanese late-night show could find a loyal audience with just six-minute episodes, there’s no reason Neko Shika Katan can’t too.

Source, images: PR Times
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