Enako dresses up to celebrate new service that lets you go for a drive with Hatsune Miku.

After closing out the year with a packed schedule of appearances both inside and outside of the halls of Comiket, you might expect Enako to be taking some much-deserved R and R at the start of the new year. But Japan’s number-one cosplayer isn’t resting on her laurels, as she’s already moving on to her next project.

Later this month, carmaker Honda and online media company Dwango are set to launch their Osoba service, an app that features the voice of virtual idol extraordinaire Hatsune Miku chatting with you and giving you feedback on the condition of your car while you’re behind the wheel. In celebration, Honda has commissioned a Hatsune Miku itasha of its S660 compact open-top sports car, and also enlisted Enako to cosplay as the pioneering digital songstress.

If you’re thinking Enako’s outfit looks a little different than Miku’s orthodox black, gray, and teal ensemble, that’s because the character has been given a special redesign for the project, with Kentaro Yabuki (artist for manga To Love-Ru) doing the honors

The app itself is now complete and can be downloaded for free here through the Apple App Store. Honda has also put together a video showing off the service’s features, showing an S660 driver going for a dropped-top drive from Yokohama’s Minato Mirai harbor district up into some of Japan’s beautiful mountain pass roads.

▼ Miku’s comments range from “Turning right. Watch out for oncoming traffic and pedestrians please.” to “Driving is fun! Vroom vroom!” and “Thanks for driving. Let’s go out again sometime!”

It’s a little unusual to see Enako without several circular layers of fans surrounding her, but these photos are from a dedicated unveiling event for Osoba. However, she’ll also be appearing at the Honda/Dwango booth for all three days of the Tokyo Auto Salon convention, where she’s sure to be attracting as much attention as the S660 itasha she’ll be standing next to.

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Top, insert images: Osoba official website

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