Enako slips on the dress of the Thorn Princess.

On Wednesday, Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV aired an episode of its Honma Dekka!? TV variety show with manga as its focus and a panel of celebrity guests coming on to talk about series they’ve been following and recommend. Most of the panel, like comedian Akira Kawashima and idol group Snow Man member Daisuke Sakuma, were dressed in fairly casual attire, but one guest put a lot more thought into her outfit.

That guest? None other than Enako, Japan’s number-one cosplayer, who came dressed as someone arguably as popular as she herself is: Yor Forger.

As the female lead of Spy x Family, fans have been seeing a lot of the assassin-turned-mother over the past few months as the anime adaptation of the series was airing the second half of its first season. We’re now in a lull awaiting the restart of the anime, its theatrical animated installment, and the live-action Spy x Family stage musical, so fans of the series and Enako supporters alike were happy to see her cosplaying as the character, wearing Yor’s Thorn Princess assassin garb, garnering online reactions to the shared snapshot such as:

“Whoa, it’s a real-life Yor…”
“Looks great–she even got the eye color with colored contacts.”
“This is the quality cosplay we’ve come to expect from Enako!”
“She’s on a whole other level.”
“Champion of champions of champions of champions.”

During the segment, Enako’s manga recommendation was Confessions of a Brutal Murdering Police Officer (Buruutaru Satsujin Keisatsukan no Kokuhaku), a tale of violent vengeance with a free online sample available here.

As for what else Enako has been up too/wearing, she’s serving as a brand ambassador for online costume shop Clearstone, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary…

…and she also recently announced the on-sale date of March 22 for her 2023 calendar.

That might seem awfully late in the year to be selling calendars, but many business and academic years in Japan start in the spring, and Enako’s calendar runs from April to March.

Source: Twitter/@enako_cos via Hachima Kiko, Fuji TV
Top image ©SoraNews24
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