Are you even surprised she has over 100,000 subscribers already?

If you’re into Japanese cosplayers, you’re probably already familiar with Enako, who’s been referred to as Japan’s number-one cosplayer on more than one occasion. She’s so popular that she draws crowds of over 2,000 people just to take her photo at anime conventions, and she rakes in 50 million yen per year (roughly US$460,000) to show for it.

So, you can imagine how many fans were excited when she opened her official YouTube account on April 11. Even though it’s been less than a week, she has already amassed 110,000 subscribers and just over 510,000 views on her introduction video (120,000 of which were gained within the first 12 hours it was uploaded).

▼ Considering it’s only about a minute long, that’s pretty impressive.

In the video, Enako explains that as a YouTube fan herself, she has been wanting to share more of her favorite things for a while, and she thought YouTube would be the perfect platform for that. On Enako Channel, she plans to cover all sorts of behind-the-scenes and personal aspects of her work and private life, including fashion, makeup, and fitness-related content.

▼ Here, she’s listing off the things she’ll talk about on the channel.

In addition, she’ll also be livestreaming games that she likes, and she even has dreams of collaborating with other YouTubers! The only possible downside is that she’s not sure what her upload schedule will be like, as she’ll be juggling this with her current workload as well.

Despite this, fans were unsurprisingly excited and eager to comment on the birth of Enako Channel.

“I subscribed instantly.”
“Enako Channel is open!? I’m so happy—-!!!”
“Subscribe to Enako Channel, everyone.”
“I want to see Enako livestream games!”

With many anime conventions still out of the question for the foreseeable future and the copyright laws of cosplay in general uncertain, fans all around the world are keen to watch all the premium Enako content they can get until they can see her in person again.

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