There’s a lot to look at in this bizarre cat-eared collaboration.

Japanese novelty goods manufacturer Bibi Lab never ceases to amaze us with their knack for thinking up crazy new product ideas. Whether it’s Sailor Suit Wearable Blanketspillows shaped like twintails, or a handy Cotton Wife, no dream is too strange to become a reality for Bibi Lab, and while they don’t need any extra help attracting attention, they’ve got a host of cosplayers on hand to help promote their new products as well.

The latest cosplayer to come out to play for Bibi Lab is Saki Miyamoto, a gravure model with over 140,000 followers on Twitter. Miyamoto isn’t shy when it comes to baring her flesh, or dressing up in crazy outfits, so this photo shoot must’ve been a breeze for her, given that the 152-centimetre (5-foot) tall model was asked to live out everyone’s dreams of being a cat for a day, playing in Bibi Lab’s new Human Pet House.

Bibi Lab says they designed the Human Pet House after conducting research that revealed many of their customers were envious of cats and their laidback lifestyles. According to the company, 77.5 percent of people surveyed said they’d longed to be a cat at least once in their lives, while further research revealed that the phrase “I want to be a cat” was tweeted out in Japan at the rate of 10.4 people every hour.

With so many people wanting to live like a pampered feline, Bibi Lab came up with the idea for the Human Pet House, which is big enough for someone of Miyamoto’s stature to curl up in.

Six times larger than a regular pet-sized house, this one measures 80 centimetres by 80 centimetres (2.7 feet) in width and length, and 65 centimetres (2.1 feet) in height.

The pet house, which can be folded away when not in use, comes complete with a pair of cute cat ears and a warm and cosy interior made up of washable bedding that’s super soft and fluffy, so you can massage your paws into it like a happy feline.

The cute item can be used in a number of ways, all designed to help cat-lovers live the relaxed life of a household pet. You can use it as a quiet spot for an afternoon nap…

▼ Or as a place to chill out away from the world, in a mini cat cave.

▼ And if you’re ever lonely, you can grab a few of Bibi Lab’s mini cotton husband and wife hug pillows to keep you company.

▼ Even if you’re a little bit taller than Miyamoto, you can squeeze into the pet house too.

While the product is designed for humans, there’s no reason why animal companions can’t use the cat-shaped hidey-house as well!

For cat wannabes you can put a price on happiness, and that price is 11,700 yen (US$109), which is what the pet house retails for at online stores Bibi LabAmazon, and Village Vanguard.

Miyamoto doesn’t come included with the Human Pet House, but you can keep up-to-date with her future endeavours by giving her a follow on YouTube or Twitter. After modelling for Bibi Lab and also Mocolle’s breast-enhancing hamster-cheek T-shirt, this gravure model’s star is definitely on the rise.

Source, images: Bibi Lab