If you always dreamed of wearing a dress that is also a restaurant menu, here is your chance to make that dream come true.

It seems there’s no stopping Japanese icon Naomi Watanabe these days. Loved throughout Japan for her charming personality and keen fashion sense, Naomi moved to New York last year and has since worked with huge fashion brands like Kate Spade.

Some people might not know that Watanabe also has her own fashion brand called PUNYUS. PUNYUS specialises in fun, quirky clothing with sizes going up to 6L; something very unusual in Japan, especially for high-profile brands.

▼ Naomi often models the clothes herself.

PUNYUS have done some fun collaborations in the past, such as with Tokyo Disneyland and Sailor Moon, but their latest collaboration is sure to get food fans drooling, as it’s with Saizeriya, a Japanese restaurant chain known for their low-priced Italian cuisine. Saizeriya have dabbled in the world of wearable items in the past, like a mask you can wear whilst eating, but this collaboration with Watanabe’s fashion brand will mean a whole slew of Saizeriya themed clothes will soon be available to wear.

▼ Naomi modelled some clothes from the latest collection on her Instagram.

The collaboration came about after Naomi, who is allegedly a big fan of Saizeriya, approached the chain with the idea. A representative from Saizeriya commented, “The food industry has been hit hard due to the coronavirus, so we hope this fun collaboration will cheer people up. We were honoured when Ms. Watanabe asked us to collaborate, and we were very impressed with the designs she came up with.”

Included in the collection are the iconic PUNYUS ‘Food Pattern’ sweaters, which come in ‘Milan-style rice gratin’, ’Shrimp salad’ and ‘Spicy chicken’ varieties. The sweaters are covered with cartoon motifs of the dish, with the name of the dish in bold in the middle. The price of each actual menu item is helpfully listed on the back of the sweatshirt, in case anyone needed to know.

▼ The Food Pattern sweater series – 6,600 yen (US$58)

▼ Bear in mind 300 yen is the price of the actual in-store food, not the sweater itself!

If you feel like being a bit more obvious with your love for the Japanese-Italian chain, you can get clothes with the famous Saizeriya logo emblazoned across them, like these dresses.

▼ The Saizeriya logo dress (6,600 yen) comes in green or white.

Or just go all out with these Saizeriya logo jackets, perfect for hanging at the drink bar in.

▼ Saizeriya badge jacket (13,200 yen)

The jackets also come in green or white, and are covered in stitched motifs of Saizeriya’s famous menu items, such as pizza and gratin. The collar and cuffs are red, white, and green, in accordance with Saizeriya’s Italian vibe.

The restaurant logo is stitched on the front, with the PUNYUS logo stitched onto the left sleeve.

There are quite a few items available in the collection, and the names and prices are as follows:-

T-shirt & Long T-Shirt: 4,400 yen
Logo dress: 6,600 yen
Logo Sweatshirt Dress: 7,700 yen
Logo Hoodie Dress: 7,700 yen
Romper: 8,800 yen
Badge jacket: 13,200 yen
Food Pattern Sweatshirt: 6,600 yen
Food Sweatpants: 6,600 yen
Food Hoodie: 6,600 yen
Food Hoodie Dress: 7,700 yen
Logo Bag: 2,750 yen
Logo Sheer Socks: 1,650 yen
Logo Tote Bag: 2,750 yen
Logo Apron: 3,300 yen 

So whether you’re feeling hungry for food or fashion, check out the PUNYUS x Saizeriya collaboration, which goes on sale on November 5 and can be ordered from the PUNYUS website.

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Source: PR Times
Images: PUNYUS
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