Docomo, Japan’s largest telecom provider, launches Film Attachment Support program, but it’ll cost you.

Like most mobile phone providers, Japan’s Docomo doesn’t just offer phone service and data plans. The company also has a variety of supplemental support and after-service options for customers with specific needs or concerns that others might not have.

For example, Docomo has just announced their newest optional service, called Firumu Haritsuke Sapoto, which translates to “Film Attachment Support.” So what’s it entail? According to Docomo:

“At one of our Docomo Shops, we will carry out the proxy application of your protective film.”

In other words, Docomo staff will put the protective film over your smartphone screen for you, freeing you from the irritation and anxiety of trying to properly cover all of the glass without tearing the film or trapping any of those unwanted air bubbles underneath it.

There are, however, two things to be aware of. First off, the service is only available if you’re using Docomo Select-brand film (though not for the Domeglass sub-brand). Second, Film Attachment Support isn’t free, and will cost you 1,100 yen (US$9.60) per application. Yes, that’s on top of the 1,760 to 4,620 yen you’ll also have to pay for the Docomo Select protective film, depending on the specific model you want. You can either pay the 1,100 yen fee right there in the store, or you can have it rolled into your next month’s phone bill. While you have to use Docomo-brand film, it appears you don’t necessarily have to be a Docomo customer, as the Film Attachment Support service is available to users of other carriers as well.

▼ Proper protective film can help protect your screen from nicks, scratches, and juicy burger drippings.

For those with steady hands and nimble fingers, 1,100 yen might seem like information superhighway robbery for something that can be done in a few seconds. However, Twitter reactions have also shown a certain level of interest in obtaining professional help, even for a fee, with comments including:

“I’m terrible at getting the film on right, so I’m actually pretty happy about this.”
“They’re charging 1,100 yen? I’ll do it for 500.”
“I don’t have film on my phone right now because I always end up with air bubbles, so this would really be helpful for me.”
“I think I’m gonna do this for my next phone.”
“Isn’t it kind of lame how they’re only offering this if you use Docomo-brand film?”
“Docomo is always looking for ways to squeeze more cash out of customers.”
“I always screw up the first time and end up having to spend 3,000 yen on buying another sheet, so 1,100 to have someone who knows what they’re doing do it for me is a bargain.”

Docomo will begin offering the service from December 20, and that timing might be significant. Starting next year, Japan’s phone networks will begin dropping support for non-smartphone cell phones, and many of the last holdouts are older people. With New Year’s being one of the biggest shopping seasons in Japan, it’s likely many seniors will be upgrading to their first-ever smartphone over the next few months, and rather than rely on their no-longer-so-dexterous hands to perform the unfamiliar task of attaching the protective film, paying a one-time fee to have a Docomo employee do it for them probably doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

Source: Docomo (1, 2) via Keitai Watch via Otakomu, Twitter
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