“Would you like ramen with that?”

In recent months, Japan has been rocked multiple times by a potato shortage. Some might say “rocked” is too strong a word, but how else can one describe the collective simultaneous rumbling of unsatisfied stomachs across the country as fast food giants like McDonald’s and Mos Burger were both forced to suspend French fry sales?

French fries are now back on the menu, but the illusion of an infallible pipeline of potatoes into Japan has been shattered, and continuing global uncertainties mean that the crisis can’t be called truly over yet. But as optimists know, behind every crisis is an opportunity, and it could very well be that the threat of future fry shortages has the potential to spur humanity to an even higher plane of hamburger side-order bliss.

How so? Starting next week, Burger King Japan will be offering combo meals consisting of a hamburger, drink, and ramen.

The tempting combination is called the Daitai Potato, or “Sorta Potato,” Set, since it aims to provide the salty, starchy satisfaction of a bag of French fries despite its spud-less status. Instead of fries, the Daitai Potato Set will provide you with a bag of Baby Star Dodekai Ramen, a crunchy dried ramen noodle snack that’s popular enough to be a big seller on its own, even without the added incentive of a flame-grilled companion burger.

To clarify, at the moment, Burger King hasn’t suspended French fry sales, nor has it announced any definite plans to start rationing in the immediate future. Because of that, substituting ramen for French fries is a zero-additional-cost option for customers purchasing a King Value combo meal.

▼ The nine King Value combos range in price from 550 yen (US$4.45) to 650 yen.

Those opting for the ramen side will also receive an “I supported the King” sticker. Granted, it’s just a sticker, but still, getting a prize for eating ramen is a pretty rare opportunity.

The Daitai Potato Set becomes available on May 16, for a limited time. And should you find yourself too full to finish all your Baby Star, remember that dried ramen noodles also make for a pretty tasty ice cream topping.

Source: Burger King via IT Media
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