You’ll go batty for this purple new flavor!

Halloween means one thing in the States: fistfuls of chocolate and candy that end up keeping your dentist hard at work for an entire year. While the act of going door to door to trick-or-treat isn’t that popular in Japan, McDonald’s Japan still understands that adding a little sugar to the spooky season is a recipe for success.

We’ve already taste tested their Halloween Choco Potato that made us think of “pumpkin pie” more than anything else. On October 19, they’re taking flavored French fries to a new level with the Halloween Majo Potato!

▼ “Halloween Witch French Fries”? But which flavor is this witchcraft?!?

While purple is a color that is sometimes associated with Halloween, McDonald’s has taken full advantage of the tenuous link by topping the fries with Japan’s favorite purple treat: murasaki imo (purple sweet potato)! If the color is a little standoffish and looks too bright to eat, you don’t have to worry. Just close your eyes, don’t think about the potential chemicals entering your mouth, and enjoy the delectable taste of sweet potato pie. The flavors might shock and horrify you, but that seems suitable for Halloween.

mcds-1McDonald’s Japan

This side order of fries costs will cost you 330 yen (US$3.17) or an additional 60 yen with a meal. Just be sure to grab these flavors while you can!

Source: Kai-You
Top image: Twitter/@McDonaldsJapan