Octopus balls head out for a jaunt in the sunshine, turning heads everywhere they go. 

One of the most beloved foods in Japan is the humble takoyaki. Fun and easy to eat, these piping hot balls of dough come with an octopus filling and are slathered in dark sauce, mayonnaise, and a sprinkling of laver.

Oh, and they’re commonly served up in groups of six or more in small boat-shaped trays, which is why these images caught everyone’s attention in Japan this week.

As you can see, these takoyaki balls are sitting in their boat-shaped surroundings as usual, only this time the boat is real

▼ …and it’s floating down a river.

These giant, human-sized takoyaki also appear a lot friendlier than the ones we’re used to, as they raise their hands to give everyone a wave as they pass by.

The takoyaki boat ride took place in Tokyo’s neighbouring prefecture of Chiba, on one of the sightseeing boats on the Ono River in Sawara.

The person behind this genius idea is Kanaiga (@shiragaigarashi), a talented creator who makes “fun and delicious works”. She shared the photos on her Twitter account with the message:

“Takoyaki Boat. The idea I came up with when looking at takoyaki on a boat tray became a reality on the river.” 

The unusual sight attracted the attention of locals who stopped to take photos of the takoyaki boat, as well as people online, who sent the tweet viral, with comments like:

“I absolutely love takoyaki, but I never thought about this before!”
“Oooh these look delicious! The attention to detail is fantastic!”
“I’m going to think about this and laugh every time I eat takoyaki now!”
“I love how the boatman’s rod looks like a toothpick!”
“Sooo cute! Your creativity is amazing!”

Kanaiga’s creativity truly is amazing, as she’s been able to make all sorts of fantastic ideas a reality, with products like shirt-and-jewellery combos that create strawberry shortcakes…

▼ …and Ogura toast, Nagoya’s famous local specialty.

▼ She’s also made shogi pieces that look like strawberry shortcakes…

▼ …and check out these sake cup bottle caps!


Kanaiga truly is an innovator when it comes to creating “fun and delicious works”, so be sure to give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all her new creations.

And if all that’s got you hungry for more floating food displays, you might want to take a look at the time the Dotonbori River in Osaka turnd into a floating conveyor belt sushi train!

Source: Twitter/@shiragaigarashi
featured image: Twitter/@shiragaigarashi
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