Crunchy snack for impatient noodle lovers is Nissin’s newest creation.

Compared to the amount of time it would take to make ramen from scratch, you could argue that the three minutes of cooking time required for instant ramen is a mercifully short time to have to wait. But if you’re a true ramen fan, you know that every moment not spent eating ramen is a moment wasted, and so even that three-minute wait can be excruciating.

So thankfully instant ramen maker Nissin is here with a way to turn those 180 seconds of agony into zero, with its new Zero-Second Chicken Ramen.

As those without the willpower to wait three minutes already know, you actually can eat instant ramen noodles without cooking them, chowing down on them as a crunchy snack. There’s a problem, though, in that the seasoning in a pack of normal instant ramen is supposed to be for both the noodles and the broth, so if you’re not adding water the level of seasoning can be unpleasantly overpowering. Nissin’s new Zero-Second Chicken Ramen, though, is a disc of uncooked noodles flavored to be eaten uncooked and as-is, providing a more balanced flavor like that of a bowl of noodles and broth, just without any liquid.

This also makes the Zero-Second Chicken Ramen 50 percent lower in sodium, and Nissin promises the overall taste/health benefits of the recipe will bring smiles to kids with rumbling tummies, at-home drinkers craving some snacks with their cocktail, and nutrition-minded doctors.

▼ The packaging actually warns you against boiling the Zero-Second ramen, as its flavor will be too light.

The new Zero-Second Chicken Ramen (which bears the subtitle Sono Mama Kajiru-you, or “For Eating As-Is”) goes on sale April 4, priced at 111 yen (US$0.92), and we can’t wait to put some in our pantry right next to our Chicken Ramen Choco Flakes.

Source: Nissin via Narinari via Livedoor News via Otakomu
Images: Nissin
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