Viral video from Japan proves you’re never too old to pop and lock. 

As the cold winter air lifts and the spring cherry blossoms come into bloom in Japan, the landscape becomes so beautiful it has the power to brighten our sprits and sometimes even inspire us to dance…like nobody’s watching.

That’s what Twitter user @yoshitakupoppop and his mother did recently when they were out on a springtime stroll. Throwing care to the wind, they moved their bodies to the beat beneath the blossoms, and the video they recorded quickly went viral, not only for the duo’s impressive moves in the gorgeous spring setting, but for the sweet message accompanying it, which read:

“I danced under the beautiful cherry blossom trees with my mother. If you hadn’t invited me to dance, I wouldn’t have the happiness I have now. Thank you so much. 68 years old this year and she’s still got it!”

Watching the video, it’s hard to believe that this mum with the cool moves is 68 years of age. Check out the clip below, and get ready for a smile to brighten your dial!

Aw, how sweet was that? It’s the perfect performance to melt the last touch of frost from our winter-heavy hearts, and it’s worked a treat for a lot of people online too, who left comments like:

“Wow, she’s so cool!”
“She does not look 68 at all!”
“Pop moves aren’t easy so this is super impressive!”
“Your mum’s moves are so good, but above everything, she has a wonderful youthfulness!”
“Amazing! Was she a dancer when she was younger?”

According to @yoshitakupoppop, his mother was a jazz dance instructor when she was younger but this is her first time trying this style of dance. She’s clearly learnt a lot from her son, and despite the age gap between them, dance has given them a newfound sense of joy, adding even more fun and laughter to their already close relationship.

It’s a heartwarming reminder that you’re never too old to pop and lock, and judging by the smiles on their faces, this is just the beginning of a great dance partnership. We can’t wait to see where their smooth moves will take them to next!

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Source: Twitter/@yoshitakupoppop via Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@yoshitakupoppop

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