Mother’s Day challenge: Can you name every anime mom in this awesome group illustration?

Decades’ worth of anime moms assemble for amazing group shot that even features an Undertale shout-out.

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Man complains about pregnant women on Japanese train, creatively gets told to shut up

Tactless choice of words reveals embarrassing detail about his personal life.

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Japanese “mommy” team gives wake-up calls to adults so they won’t be late for work【Video】

Program aims to help new college graduates get ready for the start of grown-up working life, with voices ranging from anime-style to husky.

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Graduating high-schoolers in Japan tweet photos of the last lunch bentos their moms made for them

The worst part of graduating high school: no more mom-made lunches.

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Japanese city councilwoman stirs controversy by bringing baby with her to assembly hall【Video】

American-educated councilwoman says she want to be “a spokesperson for other people of my generation who are in similar situations.”

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Japan’s Lolita maternity wear lets you keep looking girlish even when expecting kids of your own

Getting ready to add a new member to your family doesn’t mean you have to ditch the fashionable frills.

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Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo launches line of maternity clothing

The brand expands into apparel for expectant mothers, new items already on sale.

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Brothers’ bento blooper shows the potential downside of having your mom pack your lunch in Japan

Home-made bento sure look tasty, but one of these brothers wasn’t so lucky.

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Dead mom walking – Does anime have a maternal mortality hairstyle trope?

Anime fans search for the earliest example of what some consider a harbinger hairdo, but how did it get started?

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This Mother’s Day, give Mom some panties, Japanese lingerie maker suggests

When you were a kid, your mom bought your underwear for you, but are you comfortable returning the favor?

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Japanese artist shows what motherhood is really like with hilarious illustrated series

This artist perfectly captures all the joy and hardship that comes with being a new mum.

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What if Siri had the personality of an overbearing Chinese mother? 【Video】

How do I revert back this upgrade?!

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This may look like an ordinary sweater, until you learn that it was knit by a totally blind woman

Could you knit a sweater this well? How about without your sight?

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Japanese advice columnist shuts down mother who doesn’t want to give son permission to marry

The ultimate mic drop: comparing someone to WWII Imperial Japan.

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Japanese moms show their funnier sides, absolutely crack their kids (and us) up

Don’t let the seriousness of their love blind you from their sense of humor.

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Emotional video explores the gap between ideals and reality for working mothers in Japan【Video】

Get out the tissues because this short ad will make you appreciate family bonds all over again.

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Japanese moms tweet the stupid things kids do during summer vacation that drive them crazy

Oh summer vacation. For little kids (and big kids too!) it’s a time to finally throw off those backpacks, forget about homework, and have fun all day long running around outside or playing video games. If you’re the mom or dad of one of those kids, though, you’re often left to clean up in their wake.

And the same is true in Japan too. For the most part it’s moms who’re left to run after kids giddy with the freedom of no school. They’ve even started a Twitter hashtag for it: #SummerVacationStupidKids.

What kind of things do Japanese kids do to drive their parents crazy? Are they the same as the rest of the world or completely different? Read on to find out!

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The mysterious ways of Japanese mums that never fail to mess with our heads and funny bones

Mothers. They’re the amazing beings who carried us in their tummies and brought us into this world. Some of us live with one, some of us can’t wait to move away from one. Some mums are fashionable and love parties, some can’t send a text message without messing up a few words every time, some tend to nag too much, and some bake the best cookies in the world.

The bottom line is, every mum is unique in her own way, and they’re lovable for all their strengths and flaws…especially when they have their own hilarious methods of doing things, like the mums of these Japanese Twitter users!

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Three years of character bento, Part 2: Loving, hilarious mom continues to pester teen daughter

Do you remember last month’s piece which chronicled single mom Kaori’s three-year character bento spree? On the surface the project seemed to be about harassing her kyaraben-hating teenage daughter, but we learned that in the end, it was an incredible (not to mention eye-catching!) feat of parental love and dedication.

In Part 2 of this series, we’re going to put the spotlight on more of Kaori’s entertaining creations in tandem with some of her thoughts. And next week in Part 3, we’ll wrap up with the mom’s reaction to her long-awaited book, her “Countdown to Graduation” bentos, and a surprise from her daughter. So, before we get to this devoted mom’s moving, seaweedy words of wisdom and love, let the drool-fest begin! And keep your eyes peeled, you may even find your favorite character!

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Three years of character bento: A single mom’s quest to connect with her cheeky teen【Pt. 1】

A decade ago, when blogger and single mom Kaori used to work nights at an izakaya (Japanese-style pub) and didn’t have time to spend with her two little girls, they would leave letters by her pillow, telling her about a fight they had with a friend or how school was that day. Fast forward a few years, though, and her cute younger daughter became your regular moody, demanding teenager.

So what did this amusing mom decide to do? Kaori chose to annoy her second-born every day with something she hates: character bento! See mom yearn for a Starbucks, remind her girl to throw out empty bottles, and moan about making bento while hung over—all with the help of an X-Acto knife, some nori seaweed, and dollops of ingenuity.

While it’s impossible to showcase the entirety of her achievements in one article, here’s a “highlights version” that ultimately reveals a heartwarming tale of a hardworking mom trying to communicate with her adorable yet exasperating teen. And if you don’t care about that, then just gawk at the awesome photos!

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