New range includes a “forbidden” burger that swaps out buns for fried chicken pieces.

KFC is as famous for its fried chicken as other chains are well-known for their hash browns. But what if you could combine the two together for the ultimate indulgence? Well, that dream is now a reality, thanks to a new range coming to Japan called the Karihoku Hash Filet Burger.

“Karihoku” combines the Japanese words for “crunchy” and “soft and crumbly“, which perfectly describes the textural sensation of the new burgers. KFC says the hash browns have been specially made with fine-grained breadcrumbs heated at the lowest possible temperature to maintain a slightly chewy texture in the potatoes so they don’t crumble when combined with the other fillings.

There are three burgers to choose from, ranging from plain through to BBQ and spicy flavours, so let’s take a closer look at them below!

Karihoku Hash Fillet Burger BBQ (500 yen [US$3.73])

The BBQ sauce in this burger has been carefully crafted after trialing over 40 kinds of ingredients to create the perfect mix that complements both the fried chicken and potato.

Karihoku Hash Fillet Burger Spicy (500 yen)

The salsa sauce in this burger helps to provide a sweet heat to the mix, with a cheddar cheese sauce serving to balance the overall taste while maintaining the spicy impact.

Karihoku Hash Fillet Burger (700 yen)

This “forbidden burger” sandwiches the hash brown between two pieces of fried chicken, creating a heavy weight and “overwhelming presence” that promises to be the most filling option in the whole collection.

All the burgers are set to go on sale at KFC stores nationwide from 26 April , but they’re only being made in limited quantities, with sales ending as soon as they run out, so be sure to get in quick if you’d like to try them!

Source, images: PR Times
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